List of Best Current Affairs Magazines for IAS exam preparation

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While preparing for the UPSC Civil Services exam, reading magazines is an excellent means of obtaining additional reading material. To prepare for the UPSC exam, you can use a variety of best current affairs magazines, although you do not have to read them all. 

The Civil Service Examination is a rigorous test of aptitude and you can perform well if you study articles from selected monthly well written magazines. 

These articles, written by a variety of authors on a variety of topics, offer a unique opportunity for the candidates to come up with innovative ideas that they could use in the UPSC IAS Mains Test or interview. 

Best Current Affairs magazine list

Check out our list of the best monthly magazines for UPSC preparation if you are not sure what to read.

Many students spend time sitting down, planning, and studying the syllabus. Nevertheless, retaining information remains a challenge for even the most driven and most studious students. This is where magazines prove to be essential to UPSC aspirants.

1- Yojana Magazine

A monthly magazine, Yojana, is published monthly by the Publications Division of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It discusses socio-economic issues and every month they cover a different topic such as Skill India, Make in India, Agriculture, Industry, etc. 

There is an overview of all government programs, legislations, and other initiatives pertaining to the chosen subject, along with an opinion from an expert on that particular subject. 

This current affairs magazines is useful for aspirants who wish to sit for the main exam, which includes an essay paper and personality test.

The Yojana magazine is considered to be the best magazine for UPSC preparation. Every year two or three essays in UPSC mains exam can be accessed directly from the magazine. 

There are important topics including federalism, governance, the budget, agriculture, etc. Candidates should go through the Yojana only after having gone through the NCERT and basic study materials.

Since it is a government magazine, it gives a balanced perspective that helps prepare you for the civil services exam, especially for mains and interviews. This Magazine is useful for the General Studies papers II and III and for writing essays. Because of these features this magazine is considered as on of the best current affairs magazines in India.

The complete information on the magazine can be found on this article – Here

2- Kurukshetra:

Magazines like this are useful for preparing for Mains General Studies, Essays, and Personality Tests. This magazine focuses on operational aspects and impact analysis of programs and schemes in rural areas.

Just like the Yojana magazine it is also published by the Publication Divisions of India.

Aims at operational aspects and impact analyses of programs and schemes for rural areas. This magazine can be very beneficial for Mains General Studies, Essay and Personality Tests.

3- Pratiyogita Darpan

The magazine is available in Hindi and English and is one of the most well-known magazines among government jobs aspirants. It contains quality articles about universal topics, interviews with toppers, and solved papers from competitive exams.

Pratiyogita Darpan is a magazine dealing with current affairs and general knowledge, particularly useful for civil services exams. The magazine covers subjects like Economics, Geography, History, Politics, Constitution of India, and Current Affairs. Print edition is available in Hindi and English.

You can purchase the Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine subscription from the official website- Click Here

4Competition Success Review

Competition Success Review is among the most trusted magazines for candidates appearing for IAS. Several previous year candidates refer to CSR and Competition Success Review to study for General Knowledge.

It covers both the Preliminary and the Mains examinations and summarizes events globally and domestically. There is also a regular feature on civil service interview testing.

According to CSR, it has been “India’s largest” magazine of this type for the past 40 years. Additionally, the magazine contains mock exams for IAS and CDS exams, MBA and SBI PO exams, as well as solved papers for college interviews.

5- Down To Earth

Environmental issues and awareness are the key topics covered in this publication. Students who are interested in Geography should study the topics and analyze them in accordance with their syllabus.

It is one of the most loved current affairs Magazines which addresses important issues of concern to common citizens such as environment, health, livelihood, and economic security. It provides news, perspectives, and information about the major challenges facing the Indian society.

According to the pattern of CSE over the years, the topic of environment has grown in importance. This fortnightly magazine, Down to Earth will provide you with information on both environmental topics, as well as topics related to national interest such as economic security, livelihood and health.

Final Words- So, These were the top 5 current affairs magazines in India that you can subscribe into to get the latest piece of information happening around you. We will update the list time to time in future also if we found any new magazine which is worth sharing with our subscribers.

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