Magzter Corporate Offer: Step by Step Guide to Avail

The Magzter Corporate Offer is a special plan that allows companies to provide their employees with unlimited access to Magzter’s vast collection of over 8,500 magazines, newspapers, and premium stories from around the world.

magzter corporate offer

Steps to Avail Magzter Corporate Gold plan

Below you can find the step by step guide on how to avail the Magzter Gold Business plan-

1- First of all visit the Magzter corporate offer page- Click Here

2- Scroll the page and look for Get in touch with us

enquiry form

3- Fill the form with your Name, Email, Mobile number, Company name and Company size and your message.

4- Then click on the Submit button.

5- Now wait for 24 to 48 working hours an executive from Magzter will contact you with the corporate offer plans.

Key Features of the Magzter Corporate Offer

There are many benefits of Magzter corporate offer which are elaborated in simple words under differed heading below-

– Unlimited Reading Access: Employees get unrestricted access to read as many magazines, newspapers, and stories as they want across various categories and languages.

– Special Corporate Pricing: Companies can avail of discounted pricing plans specifically designed for corporate subscriptions with 50 or more subscriptions.

– Engaging Employees: It serves as a valuable perk for employees, boosting their morale, engagement, and access to knowledge resources for personal and professional growth.

– Cost-Effective: Providing Magzter subscriptions through the corporate plan is more cost-effective than individual subscriptions for companies. Just for an example a single year Gold plan costs around 1999 under a 50% discount offer. 

– Productivity Boost: Giving employees access to industry-leading publications equips them with insights to stay ahead of the curve, potentially increasing productivity.

– Corporate Branding: Companies can customize the Magzter app with their branding, making it a powerful marketing tool.

The Magzter Corporate Offer presents a unique opportunity for companies to engage their employees through unlimited access to a vast digital library while enjoying special corporate pricing and branding benefits.

Benefits for Companies

But the Magzter Corporate Offer isn’t just a treat for employees – it’s also a smart investment for companies! Here’s how it can benefit your organization:

Employee Engagement: Offering Magzter as a perk shows your employees that you value their personal and professional growth, boosting morale and engagement.

Cost-Effective: With Magzter’s corporate pricing, you can provide a valuable benefit to your employees at a fraction of the cost of individual subscriptions.

Productivity Boost: By giving your employees access to industry-leading publications, you’re equipping them with the knowledge and insights they need to stay ahead of the curve.

Corporate Branding: Magzter allows you to customize the app with your company’s branding, making it a powerful marketing tool as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Unlock the doors to a world of reading adventures with the Magzter Corporate Offer today!


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