List of Best Science magazine in India 2024

Friends, in this article today, I will tell you about such science magazine which is very popular in India and by subscribing you will be able to know about the science related information and the progress related to science happening in the country and abroad.

As you all know that we cannot imagine an easy life without science at present. If we look around us today, from home to electronic, mobile TV laptops, even washing machines, etc. are the result of science, and if we look outside, cars, motors, pump houses, power houses, even travel To do this, science is also used in the construction of government and private transport services such as train bus, train, airplane, etc. You can enjoy reading Science magazine bundles by subscribing Magzter Gold subscription plan.

Another where there are people who have nothing to do with how much science contributes to the everyday things they are using, but on the other side there are some people who are particularly interested in science And they have the curiosity to know what new things related to science are taking shape around them and abroad at present.

Keeping this in mind, many magazine publishers have released such a magazine where only articles related to science are published. And such magazines are bought a lot by humans who are interested in science.

List of best science magazines in India 2024

Without science, we cannot imagine the progress of mankind at all. Today, through mobile and internet, we can get information related to any information by searching on Google within a few seconds. If we had to get this information a few decades ago, we would probably have faced a lot of difficulties for it and it would have been completed by going in several days.

Science has taught us that invention has no limits. You can reach, as far as you can think, through science, you can achieve, create, and invent.

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The birth of everything around us today is the result of the thinking generated by some inventor in their mind whether it is television, bulb, telephone, internet, or airplane, railway, motorcycle,

Everything around you that you are using currently is because someone in the past has thought about it and worked on it and with time passed it got more and more user friendly.

Vigyan Pragati

Magazine Vigyan Pragati is an unmatched science magazine published by the Government of India, by reading which you can get new information regarding various developments and inventions related to science happening around you. This is a monthly magazine published by a special branch of the Indian government every month.

Vigyan Pragati magazine is currently available for Indian readers in Hindi language, which you can buy from any book stall or you can also buy monthly subscription for it.

You can read its old issues by going to the official page of niscair, whose link is given here

Science Reporter

Science Reporter magazine is also published in English language every month by the NISCAIR organization of the Government of India. This magazine is being published every month since 1964. In this magazine, readers can read articles in detail related to inventions, progress, products and events and accidents related to science happening around them in the English language.

This article is written by qualified writers who have good knowledge and experience in their field.

National Geographic kids

National Geographic Kids magazine is published for kids only, It’s meant to help the kids understand the basics of science which are getting used around them. There are many benefits of National Geographic kids magazine in kids life which can be understand in following points:-

  • Curated for kids
  • New issue every month
  • Available easily
  • Affordable
Why do science journals exist? How can a scientific journal be useful?
Research articles published in scientific journals are one of the most important instruments for disseminating research results. They are usually customized to fit the needs of various fields in academia.
Final Words- I hope this guide has helped you in deciding the best science magazine in India for the year 2024. This was the list of best science magazines in India. You can purchase any subscription of your choice but make sure to purchase the digital subscription only because it cost way cheaper then the physical ones. Also it help our environment.


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