Your Next Favorite Read: Magzter’s Newly Added Magazines List

Magzter, the popular digital magazine platform, has recently expanded its collection with some exciting new titles. This means readers now have even more choices when it comes to finding interesting magazines to enjoy. Whether you like reading about sports, fashion, cooking, or current events, Magzter’s latest additions offer something for everyone. These new magazines bring fresh content and diverse perspectives to the platform, making it easier than ever for people to discover and read about topics they love. With just a few taps on your phone or tablet, you can now explore these newly added magazines and find your next favorite read on Magzter.

In recent months Magzter has added more then 500+ Magazines and newspapers.

List of Newly Added Magazines

Below are the list of newly added magazines in the Magzter’s gallery: –

  • Sakhi – Hindi
  • Soul of Hospitality (SOH)
  • Banking and SSC English
  • Banking and SSC Hindi
  • Badhata Rajashthan (News paper)
  • Krupasindhu Gujarati
  • 2024 – 25 BSSTET Social science Book
  • 2024 – 25 NTA UGC NET/ JRF Geography
  • 2024 – 25 UP Board Class 12 all in one chemistry
  • RRB ALP ITI Trade Mechanical Group
  • Galaxy News (News Paper)
  • Green Wheels
  • Dhabkar (News paper)
  • Coders pro
  • Discultured
  • Krupasindhu – Marathi
  • The world of Adventure – Tales
  • Sadhvi (Newspaper)
  • Lokdhvani
  • Beyond Tomorrow
  • Guwahati Plus
  • IBSi Fintech journal India Edition
  • EV Mechanica
  • Whispers of Childhood
  • Dormmates and Other Short stories
  • Indian Stone
  • Famegram Magazine
  • Eletroniki Aapke Liye
  • Watch Market Review
  • Vanmali Katha
  • SouthPost Business Magazine
  • Surjya Sen
  • Saptarshi
  • The Battle for Srinagar
  • The Elusive Kaka
  • The adventures of pratapan
  • Shantala
  • The Daily Liftoff
  • Biography 1
  • Harsha
  • Jahangir
  • Physiotrends
  • Dinakaran Chennai
  • Indiaherald
  • 5 pillars of website
  • Marwad Mitra (News paper)
  • Sabandh (News paper)
  • Bodosa
  • Hopeful Heights
  • Travelum
  • Two Oxen
  • Chartered Secretary General
  • Personal Development Magazine
  • Jain Parampara
  • MaangalBazaar wedding Lifestyle Magazine
  • The Junior Age
  • Curiosity (News paper)
  • The Adventure and it’s Mystery
  • Kid-o-World Junior
  • Advocate’s Journal
  • End of Apathy
  • Daisy Magazine India
  • Parent Palette
  • Yakkai
  • Lok Patrika Ahmedabad (NewsPaper)
  • Kid o World
  • + Many More


To sum up, Magzter has added new magazines that many people will enjoy. These new choices mean there’s even more to read about different topics you might like. Magzter keeps adding fresh content to make sure readers always have something new to look at. If you already use Magzter or are thinking about trying it, now is a great time to check out these new magazines. You might find a new favorite that you’ll love reading!

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