List of top 5 Best Business Magazine in India 2024

If you love reading business magazines and you live in India and you are wondering which are the best business magazines in India for the year 2024 then we are going to help you to select the best Business Magazine which you can subscribe to read offline as well as online using your smartphone or personal computer.

 We are going to list a few best business magazines in India as per their merits and also help you in deciding that which Business Magazine you should opt according to the merits or advantage of that magazine.

 Our review will be based around a few key points which will help you decide which one to choose and which one to leave. Purchasing all these magzines individually can cost you a fortune, Hence you can consider buying third party magazine aggregators like Magzter’s at very affordable prices.

Best Business Magazine in India

 Business is a dynamic kind of thing which means that it keeps on changing day by day and there are many influential factors which affect the business environment in any country. And if you are fond of reading business magazines in India then you should always look for a magazine which has a monthly subscription.

 Apart from just having a monthly subscription the magazine should be available online so that you can read it Anytime using your smartphone.

 And the most important part is the content which means the content written on the magazines is written by authors who are specialized in their fields and also able to write top notch detailed data driven articles.

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1- Business Today

A well-read Indian business magazine, Business Today is followed and read by aspiring entrepreneurs as well as business giants in India. The review is a must-read for customers who intend to get a fair idea of what they are getting when they buy a new product. Authenticity is what makes it famous. This Magazine ensure that your subscribers are kept up-to-date with the latest news in the industry to help you succeed Which makes it one of the Best Business Magazine in India. 

Among the topics covered in this publication are:

  • Economy,
  • Industry,
  • Money, 
  • Market, etc. 

Monthly Price- Rs. 100

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2- Business India-

There is no better source of Indian business news than Business India. Founded by the Advani brothers in 1978, Ashok Hotchand, Hirro, and Rajkumar, Business India is a provider of consulting services. For its ability to analyze various topics in depth and to analyze the future of a wide range of industries, Business India is well known. Originality and clear communication are the reasons it is so popular across the country.

Monthly Subscription Price- Rs. 100

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3- Forbes India

Among many readers, Forbes is an obvious choice when it comes to business magazines. In India, Forbes offers financial coverage, lifestyle articles, and technology coverage. Featuring articles on finance, investment, and marketing, the American business magazine is published biweekly. Forbes began publishing in India under the name Forbes India.

Monthly Subscription Price- Rs. 250

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4- Outlook

The Outlook Business magazine is one of India’s best business magazines. Advertising, branding, and marketing are topics that are covered in this magazine. Known for their aggressive reporting on industry issues, the magazines have a reputation for being a leading industry source.  Additionally, it provides a broader view of the business world. A variety of business domains are covered by Outlook, such as 

  • Finance
  • Money,
  • Enterprise, 
  • Stock markets, 
  • Economy,
  • Industry strategies, and 
  • Events.

Monthly Subscription Price- Rs. 50

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5- Fortune India

Business success and corporate fortune are often measured by Fortune. Fortune magazine is among the most recognizable and credible publications around the world. Business and corporate news are covered in Fortune India Magazine. Magazines typically publish rankings, including the Fortune 500, a ranking of companies according to their income.

Monthly Subscription Price- Rs. 250

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Conclusions- You can go through with all the magazines listed above and decide which one you want to choose. Because the like or dislikes depends on someone interest. All the magazines are best business magazine in India.

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