Best digital magazine subscriptions services for online reading in India 2021

Today I will tell you about some such third party digital magazine subscription distributor using which you can subscribe to the various plans offered by them and enjoy reading unlimited magazines and newspapers. That too at very low prices.

In this article, you will get information about the benefits you will get by using third party digital magazine subscriptions, as well as we will also tell you about some of the best online magazine subscriptions that you can subscribe to and get at a low price. By comparing in, you can guess which magazine subscription will be most profitable for you.

Best Digital Magazine distributor in India 2021

By the way, if I talk about the best online magazine subscription provider, Magzter Gold is an online magazine service provider in India which is associated with many magazine publishers who publish their magazine every month on the platform of Magzter.

Which directly benefits the customers of Magzter who have purchased Magzter’s Gold subscription because under the Magzter subscription they get the opportunity to read more than 5000+ magazines and latest versions of newspapers.

Must have qualities of digital magazine subscription

There is a lot of quality that you can see inside a good third party magazine service provider so that you can finalize whether you should buy that service or not. Below we will discuss some similar quality.

1- Economical

A third party magazine distributor should be available at a lower price so that you do not realize after purchasing it that you have spent more money, rather you feel that you have obtained a thing at a lower price so that you are going to get many times more benefit of that price.
Also, if the magazine subscription plan is cheap, then you can share it to others as an offer.

2- Number of premium Magazines

The second most important thing to note is how many premiums and paid magazines and news papers you will get to read in the respective subscriptions. The lower the price, the more paid magazines and newspapers will be given to you under subscription, the more you will be able to get benefit.
Being more magazine means that you will get to read something in almost all categories so that you will not have to buy individual subscription.

3- Shareable

The third biggest quality that you will have to see is with how many people you can share your plan with, like if I talk about magzter, you can share your gold plan with 4 people,

which means that you You can also give your Magzter login details to your family or three other friends. The advantage of this is that you can divide the price that comes over you among the other four people.

4- App availability

The advantage of being available in an application format is that you can read the related subscriptions anywhere through your mobile or tablet. If the application of the relevant subscription is not available in the market then it means that you will always have to use your laptop to take advantage of it which will not be convenient for you by any means, especially when you travel more and more.
Through the application, you can also download your favorite magazine or newspaper and can also read it offline.

5- Customer support

There is no company in the world that has all its customers satisfied with their service, so it becomes necessary that the digital magazine distributor you are going to buy has its own customer support or not and how effective it is And how soon is he able to remove the troubles of his customers.

List of best third party magazine service providers

In this part of the article, we will talk about all the magazine subscription aggregators available in India, whose plans you can buy by comparing them. In this article, we will also inform you about the prices of the services provided by the respective service provider, as well as tell you which service you can buy for maximum benefit.
The most important thing to note here is that you can buy any service of your choice online and after purchasing the service, you can avail their services as soon as possible.

1- Magzter Gold

It is the most popular magazine service provider in India, in whose famous gold plan, you get the facility to read more than 5000 magazines and newspapers. In this subscription, you also get all the above mentioned features like low price, number of magazines and newspapers, customer support, online and offline availability, applications etc. which make it a complete package, due to which it It has become very popular in the present day among the readers of the magazine.

If I talk about its available plans, then currently its 2 most popular plans are available.
In which there is a 3-year plan which is available at a discounted price of only ₹ 3999 and the second is a 1-year gold plan which is available for only ₹ 1999.

The best quality that make it stand out from the crowd is that with this digital magazine subscription you will get maximum number of premium magazines to read which are available at hefty prices if you buy them online individually.

Read more about Magzter here

2- Texture 

Apple inc has purchased a subscription based magazine service named Texture. It has more than 200 magazines available for their users to read online using the texture app. Texture works on both Android and iOS devices.

Hence this digital magazine subscription in India can be beneficial for everyone.

Visit Texture

3- Readly

The readly subscription starts from 9.99 dollars. You and your family can have their personal profiles and read whatever they like because Readly supports up to 5 devices for a registration. Go on, start flicking!

Visit Readly

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