Magzter 3 Year Subscription offer 2021 @ Rs. 3999 in India

Friends, if you are fond of reading online magazine or news paper, then I would like to tell you that online magazine and newspaper aggregator “Magzter” is providing its much anticipated Magzter Gold subscription offer 2021 to its customers at a very low price.

Magzter Has recently updated a new Magzter 3 year subscription offer in which you will get access to 8000+ Magazines and subscriptions @ Just Rs. 3999 only. This 3 year offer is for a very limited time hence you should subscribe it right now because it will get expire anytime. People are currently taking advantage of this 3 year Magzter Gold Subscription offer in India over any other offers- Use the below button to book your 3 year plan today-

Note- Officially the 3 year Gold Offer @ Rs. 3999 is closed, But it is Still Working through our offer link, So, If you click on the link below and you found the 3 year offer @ 3,999 is still there with Claim Now button, Then don’t loose the chance and purchase the plan right away because it can be taken down anytime soon by the official website.

👇 Purchase 3 year Gold plan 👇

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Kindly follow the below steps to purchase the Plan.

1- First of all visit the offer link given above

2- You will see 3 year plan offer with Claim Now button, Click on that

3- On the next page select the Payment option from the given options and enter your Email id on which you want to get your Magzter gold login details and Click on the Pay Now button.

4- Make the payment using any mode of payment available on the Payment page.

5- After making the Payment you will receive your Magzter Login details on your email id.

6- The subscription will be renewed after the expiry.

As you all know that under the Magzter Gold subscription, you can read up to 5000+ latest magazines and newspapers, anywhere and anytime using the Magzter website or Magzter application.

Purchase 1 year Gold Plan- Click Here

Under Magzter, you can also download various magazines and news papers published in the country and abroad on your mobile and read them offline.

Various plans of Magzter Gold are available, about which detailed information are given to you in the later parts of this article.

 Magzter 3 Year Subscription Offer 2021

From time to time, Magzter joins various magazine and newspaper publishing agencies to make various magazines or newspapers published by them available on its platform for their Magzter Gold customers to read.

The biggest advantage of buying Magzter Gold subscription plan in India is that customers can read different magazines of their choice within a single application.

Subscription Plan Available Deals
3 Year Magzter Gold @ 3,999 only
1 Year Magzter Gold  @ 1,999 only
1 Month Gold Subscription @ 399/ month
Magazine Bundles Upto 90% off on Best Selling
Payment Mode Online
Benefits of Gold plan Read 5000+ Mags & newspapers



Even if you look at the price, Magzter Gold is very economical, where after paying a small price, you get the facility to read more then 8000+ magazines or news papers, If you subscribe to a magazine or newspaper Individually you will have to pay a big price for only one magazine.

For example, if I talk about Forbes India, its 1 year subscription will cost you around ₹ 2000. Conversely, if you subscribe to Magzter Gold’s offer Plan, then in Rs. 1999 only you get to read more than 8000 magazines and newspapers for a full year. It includes various premium magazines such as India Today, Forbes, Femina etc. So, It will be a wise decision if you choose Magzter 3 year Subscription offer plan.

What is Magzter gold?

Magzter Gold is the name of a plan of Magzter Company by which customers can read more than 8000+ magazines and newspapers of their choice online. There are various plans of Magzter Gold which are available from 1 month to 3 years.

To get maximum benefit, customers are requested to subscribe to a longer-term plan, ie, a 3 year Magzter Gold plan which is available for just ₹ 3999 only (For a limited period of time)

The details of the various Magzter Gold plan can be seen in detail in further part.

Magzter Gold subscription prices

Interested individuals can purchase monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, 1 year or 3-year plans of Magzter Gold. Magzter’s most popular plan is the 3 year gold old.

Although Magzter’s monthly plans are also available, but they are much more expensive than the annual plan. Where Magzter’s yearly plan is available only in 1999, you may have to spend from 400 to ₹ 500 for the monthly plan.

Magzter Gold Subscription for 3 year 2021-

Magzter 3 year subscription offer is available for just ₹ 3999. This plan is like Sanjeevani Booti for those who are fond of reading various magazines and newspapers. People who spend a huge price every month in buying magazines and news papers, they can save a lot of money by taking Magzter Gold 3 year subscription plan by paying a very small price.

Magzter Gold Plan is very popular in the country and abroad. In India too, it has started becoming prevalent in the last few years. Currently, because Magzter is a new company in India, it is bringing many new offers to its Indian customers to promote themselves.

One of its initiatives in this, Is Magzter Gold plan, which is available for 1 year only for Rs. 1999 and 3 years for just ₹ 3999 only.

Detailed information about Magzter 3 year subscription 2021 and how you can buy it is available in the following parts of this article.

A few months ago, Magzter launched the 3-year Plan in the market, under which customers can avail the Magzter Gold subscription Plan for three years by paying the price of just one year. In which they can read up to 8000 magazines and news papers till the expiry of their plan which is 3 year.

Purchase 3 Year Magzter Gold subscription > Click Here

1 year plan

Under the 1 year annually Plan, you can buy the Magzter Gold program which is usually Rs. 3999 only by paying Rs. 1999 under special offer.

This 1 year 1999 plan is being given to you through a special link, so all of you are requested to purchase a year long plan of Magzter using the special link given in the upcoming part of this article.

Monthly Plan-

Magzter monthly Gold plan is available at 399 INR per month. You can purchase the monthly plan from the official website Magzter website. If we talk about the affordability of the monthly plan than it is no way affordable for consumers if we compare it with other 1 year annual plan and 3 year Gold plan.

So, Purchase the 3 year plan, So, That you don’t have to make purchase every month and you will also save huge money with 3 year plan.

How to renew Magzter plan/ subscription with current offers

Already a subscriber of Magzter, but wish to choose one of the various Magzter offers currently running and subscribe to it. Then this section of the article will be very valuable to you because by following the instructions given, you can renew your Magzter plan through a variety of ongoing offers.

 At the moment, the only option for purchasing Magzter’s annual and 3-year plans is to be a new customer. So if you want to buy Magzter’s 3 or 1 year program, you need to set up a new email address along with using a debit or credit card that hasn’t been used before on Magzter.

 On Magzter, multiple payment methods are available using which you can subscribe to Magzter Gold using your Net Banking UPI Wallet Debit or Credit Cards.

You can follow the same process given above to purchase the plan.

Which Magzter Gold offer to choose?

Honestly it totally depends on you that which plan you want to choose. But for maximum benefits we can suggest you to select the plan with maximum tenure like for 3 years. The longer the plan duration you choose the cheapest you get it. For an example if you choose the 1 year plan then it will cost you 1999 with offer but at the same time if you book the 3 year plan then it will cost you just 3,999 for 3 years.

How to purchase Magzter gold plan

The process of purchasing Magzter Gold subscription plan 2021 is very easy. If you are willing to buy any gold plan of Magzter then you can buy it in a few minutes by following the instructions given below.

Process to purchase plan

  1. First of all visit the official Magzter sales page- Click Here
  2.  Click on claim now button 
  3. On the next page you will see many mode of payment including net banking, debit card, credit card, UPI, wallet etc.
  4.  Select your preferred mode of payment and enter your email ID
  5. Scroll down the page to get more payment options
  6.  Click on payment button and make the payment
  7.  After the successful payment you will get the login details on your email ID using which you can login into your Magzter account and start enjoying the 8000 plus available magazines and newspapers.

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Magzter gold magazines list-

It is practically impossible to list all the 8000+ magazines and newspapers which you can enjoy reading on Magzter website or application under your Magzter 3 year gold subscription. We are going to list a few premium and most loved list of magazines and newspapers which you are going to get in your Magzter Gold Plan.

For your convenience we have decide to divide the list into two parts first magazines and second newspapers

Magazines list-

India today

The Hindu

Business today

Forbes India



Cosmopolitan India

Fortune India

Hindustan Times Delhi

Elle india

Business standard

News paper list-

The Hindu

Hindustan times

Business standard

The new Indian express Chennai

The Hindu Businessline

Mint Mumbai

Magzter Gold 999 offer-

Earlier Magzter used to provide 1 year gold offer for just rs. 999 only. But now that offer is withdrawn by the company and the current price has been increased to rs 1999 which is still available at 50% off which makes it a steal deal.

After the expiration of the Rs. 999 offer. People nowadays are choosing 3 year plan which is available at 67% discount.

Terms & Conditions

There are a few terms and conditions related to this offer which needs to be fulfilled to avail this offer: –

  • The user must be new to Magzter platform
  • He/ she must use the provided offer link to purchase 
  • Must make the payment online
  • Have valid email ID to receive the login details
  • Have atleast one device to access their Magzter Gold subscription plan in India ie, Desktop, Laptop, iOS device or Android devices.

Benefits of reading Digital Magazines-

There are numerous benefits of reading magazines and newspapers daily on someone’s life. You can read about them in points below-

  • It helps you in getting updated about news and incidents happening around the world.
  • Reading you favorite magazines help in reducing stress.
  • Helpful if you are preparing for competitive exams.
  • Helps you gain confidence because of the knowledge you get by reading magazines.
  • Helps to improve thinking.

Magzter India contact details-

If due to any reasons you are willing to contact the customer care department of the Magzter India PVT limited. Then you can follow the below ways to start a communication with them.

The only way you can contact with the Magzter official customer care department after subscribing in Magzter Gold offer is via email only.

You can send a email on this id- [email protected]

After sending an email you can expect a reply from the CCE with in 24 hours. You can ask questions related to your Magzter subscription plans and details.

About Magzter- 

Ultimately, the most important question is what is Magzter? I would like to let all of you know that Magzter is an online magazine aggregator that takes on the task of publishing the digitally readable magazines and newspapers of various magazine publications by partnering with them. After joining Magzter, any publisher publishing a monthly or daily magazine or newspaper can use the platform. Through Magzter’s subscription-based services, the company may deliver its products to Magzter customers and get paid.

 Currently, Magzter provides access to more than 8000+ magazines and newspapers. Subscribing to these journals and reading them digitally is available through the Magzter website or app through Magzter gold plan.

Magzter was launched in 2011 and from then on, about 70 million users became subscribers on Magzter by becoming readers of newspapers or magazines.

 Company headquarters of Magzter are located in New York City, USA. From where Magzter operates its branches worldwide.

List of ways to access the Magzter

1- Magzter website: You can access Magzter by visiting on your mobile or PC browser. There are many people who prefer to access their Magzter Gold Subscription from their computer.

There are many benefits of using website to read magazines and newspaper-

  • Big screen
  • Easy to navigate and scroll
  • No need to download extra application to access your Gold offer
  • No need to login multiple time

2- Application: Using Magzter application is the second most loved way to access by their users. Using the application Magzter’s registered users can read their favorite magazines and newspapers anytime on the move.

Benefits of reading magazines on application

  • Many custom features
  • Download and read offline
  • Set favorite list
  • Good application UI for better reading experience

Final Words- So, This was the whole article on how you can save your money while booking Magzter Gold subscription 2021 for both 1 year and 3 year. We would only suggest you to opt for 3 year plan because it is available at 3,999 only.

Frequently Asked Question: –

Ques- Available mode of payments to purchase the Gold plan?

Ans- There are 5 payment modes available for online payment, 1- Credit card, 2- Debit card, 3- Netbanking, 4- Wallet, 5- Coupons

Ques- How many magazines will I get to read in Magzter Gold Plan?

Ans- You will get to read more then 5000+ magazines and newspapers in your Gold subscription.

Ques- Can I download magazines for offline reading?

Ans- Yes you can download your favorite magazines using official Magzter app.

Ques- With how many peoples I can share my Magzter gold plan?

Ans- You can share your plan access with 4 different family members.

Final Words- This was the detailed article on Magzter 3 year subscrition offer for Gold plan deals and coupons which are available online. By using our special link you can ensure getting a great deal on your Magzter Gold plan.